Have you thought about live streaming or webcast production for an event you are holding? There has been an increase of online video popularity growing every year. Statistics show about 80% of the world’s population watching videos online every week, and over 50% percent every day.

This is evidence that one of the most effective ways to market your business or organisation is to hold a live streaming production at your event. If you turn your event into a live video webcasting production, this will expand your audience from who is present in the room to a worldwide audience reaching people that could not attend your event for a number of reasons.

You also will have the option to show the event on multiple platforms to gain maximum exposure for your event.

Live streaming NRCG March 2021 Exhibition Launch    For long version >>

Live streaming NRCG July 2021 Exhibition Launch (on line)    For long version >>

We can create a ready to watch, live streaming/broadcasting of your event without having to deal with large amounts of raw footage. We use a live production switcher to do all this in real time. It means we switch the camera angles as the event unfolds in real time and ingest graphics, holding slides, logos of your sponsors and power points to create a professional looking broadcasting.

There is no post-production editing and a super quick turn around time for you with a TV style edited video.

We can use up to four cameras, and multiple audio sources to cover every aspect of your event with options for a roaming camera, earlier captured b-roll and interviews during the event. The possibilities are extended by using wireless video and audio recording.

At the end you will have a full HD 1080p video that is ready to be streamed later or sent out to your audience.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there was no restrictions on how many people you can invite or have in your venue. Maximise your reach for all or just some of your event. We can provide you with a customised event URL for you to embed onto your own website as well as simultaneous social streaming.

Your viewers see the exact same production that will be recorded at the end of the event.

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