Affordable video production for modern days

Event Video – amplify the impact and success of an event

Explainer Video – putts your product or service on the map for the first time or explains existing in a better way

Testimonial Video – gains customers by having video on your website and also Social Video, Training Video or Company Story that sells through the power of story.

Our live stream services for small to medium size enterprises are affordable without compromising quality. We have numerous options from basic packages using a single camera to more complex packages involving multiple cameras, audio sources, graphics and pre recorded video inserts.

Please contact us for a quote on the production that is  best suited to your needs and budget.

A broad selection of photographic categories:
still life location, landscape, studio work, still life product, editorial, travel and reportage with a particular affinity for working in extreme weather and light conditions and remote locations — backed up by almost fifty years of experience.

We are ready to elevate any storytelling with drone photos and footage — backed up by over ten years experience flying a light aircraft.

Artworks, originally inspired by beauty, mystery and the spirituality of reality, images have been digitally manipulated and altered to change colours or key features within the composition creating even more personal interpretation.

All pictures are for sale or hire.
New pictures from our expending collection can be commissioned and tailored for your needs. Private collectors, institutions and interior designers are welcome.

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